What is House Hunter?

House Hunter is a mobile app that helps you track and organize all your information, notes and pictures you collect during the home buying process. No more binders full of handwritten notes on the back of flyers! No more struggling to remember which home had which features! House Hunter keeps it all at your finger tips in one easy to use mobile app!

And House Hunter helps reduce the stress of shopping for a home by providing you an efficient and organized way to evaluate and compare homes. It’s unique scorecard helps you prioritize your wants and needs and evaluate homes in a consistent fashion. No more guessing which home best meets your needs - House Hunter gives you the information you need to make an informed and stress free decision!

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I'm a Real Estate Agent - What can House Hunter do for me?

Deliver your Brand to your Customers!
Agents, leverage the power of House Hunter to deliver a personalized, branded experience directly to your clients. As Entrepreneur states, "A strong personal brand that dovetails seamlessly with a business has the power to turn customers' perception into profits."

Gain More Insight, while Providing Value to Your Clients!
House Hunter Pro is more than just a branding tool - it's an app that gives you more insight, and your customers more focus. Don’t just give them an MLS search app that reduces customer interaction, when you can give them a tool that helps them through the buying process and enhances the agent/client relationship!

Get More Leads!
House Hunter has been reviewed by major publications around the country. Business Insider calls it, "Flipping Awesome". Tech Savvy Agent calls it, "a killer app". Now, we can help customers find you directly through House Hunter Pro!

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