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Founded in 2011, Cre8tive Apps, LLC started as a mobile application development company that has grown into providing solutions that address the needs of consumers and real estate professionals. Cre8tive Apps develops high quality apps for smart phones and tablet devices and web solutions that empower mobility and enhance productivity.

Our most recent app, House Hunter Pro, builds upon extensive research and development in support of the real estate market providing real estate professionals a powerful tool to increase efficiency, improve client communication and build their brand with their own smart phone application.

With new apps in development, we continue to empower the mobile lifestyle.

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09/20/2012 - The Chicago Tribune: Real estate apps open doors

In the sometimes endless trudge from property to property when you're trying to find a home, at the end of the day it can be hard to keep them straight. House Hunter is a paid app ($3.99; there's also a free, but more limited, "lite" version) that provides a list for tracking dozens of home features. Shoppers can rank each feature's importance. In the Keeping Them Straight Department, you can also configure the app to award each home a score.

07/01/2012 - Pocket Full of Apps: ‘House Hunter’ App Lives Up to its Name!

This app should be called “my online estate agent”, because it practically does the job of one for you (apart from finding listings for you to look at). … All in all, this comprehensive app is a must-have for anyone on the hunt for a new house.

04/04/2012 - The New York Times: For Home Buyers, an App to Assess a House’s Attributes

It’s a good choice for anyone serious about buying because it can help users evaluate multiple houses more easily.

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House Hunting Just Got Easier, New App Helps Buyers Make Better Choices


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