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Welcome to House Hunter!

Buying a home? Whether you are a first time home buyer or seasoned homeowner, if you have ever experienced the buying process, you know it can be stressful, confusing and emotionally draining.

Finding and buying your dream home shouldn’t be this way. House Hunter was created to make the process easier and more efficient.

House Hunter has been reviewed and recommended by major publications and industry professionals around the country, including Business Insider, The New York Times, Fox Business News and many, many more.

House Hunter

House Hunter is an easy-to-use, but powerful tool to help keep you organized; to track, evaluate, and compare homes while keeping all your notes and pictures at your finger tips.

No more paper check lists or handwritten notes on the back of property flyers -- House Hunter does it all for you.

Track & Compare Homes

House Hunter keeps track of every home you visit on your dream home quest.

Whether looking at 2 or 20, House Hunter provides a unique scoring system to easily see which homes best meet your needs.

Add New Homes

Take, Store & Manage Photos

Taking pictures of homes is a great way to remember specific details of each visit. House Hunter organizes all the photos by house address.

Easily compare multiple photos from each home on one screen or view each image full screen, full resolution with a single tap.

view photo screen

Create Your Wants/Needs List

With over 80 home features organized by category, House Hunter is easily personalized. Create your own wants or needs list -- prioritize and share with your agent, family or friends

House Hunter even let’s you add your own custom features.

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Evaluate Homes Based on Your Requirements

House Hunter’s unique scorecard system helps you evaluate each home based on your wants or needs. House Hunter calculates a score for each home to easily compare and see how well each home meets your needs.

House Hunter even keeps track of individual home features so you can determine if a home is missing any of your desired features.

Capture & Store Notes

House Hunter’s Quick Notes feature enables the easy addition of notes about each property without having to type out full sentences. The combination of voice input* and photos makes House Hunter a great way to remember the details of each home.

Add Note

All Your Information in One Place

As you view homes, House Hunter keeps all the information you capture and record about each home in one place. View all your notes and pictures, see if a home is missing any “must have” or any of your desired features on one screen.

Get the app highlighted at #3 on industry expert and REALTOR® Tara-Nicholle Nelson’s blog two years in a row!

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* Buy House Hunter on iTunes, or better yet, GET IT FREE from a participating Real Estate Professional in your area.

*Voice dictation is dependant upon device supports for voice input.

House Hunter supports iPhone 3GS and newer, iPad, iPod and iOS 4.0 or greater. Android support coming soon.