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In a competitive market, to be successful you must stand out from the crowd. It starts with your brand and carries throughout your business. According to Entrepreneur: “A strong personal brand that dovetails seamlessly with a business has the power to turn customers' perception into profits.”

House Hunter Pro adds your branding to a “Killer App” so you can stand out from the crowd.

House Hunter Pro helps:

  • Build your digital brand
  • Gain more insight into clients
  • Improve efficiency
  • Deliver a superior level of service
  • Get new leads

Business Insider calls House Hunter “Flipping Awesome!”. Tech Savvy Agent claims: “One of the killer apps agents should be recommending to their clients.”

Connect with potential clients by giving them the gift of your own iPhone app featuring your brand and messaging.

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Extend Your Brand

House Hunter Pro becomes an extension of your message to promote your business and connect with new clients.

Your personalized Welcome Page greets clients with your message and contact information.

Your dedicated agent contact page allows your customers to always have your information at their finger tips.



House Hunter Pro gives your Clients Focus and You Insight

House Hunter Pro increases efficiency and that means more money in your pocket.

House Hunter Pro helps your clients identify and focus on key features they want or need in their next home. House Hunter Pro shares that key information with you.

No more wasted time and money looking at homes that don’t fit client’s needs or constantly changing requirements. You will know exactly what they are looking for and how much they like each property.

House Hunter Pro is not just another search tool. It brings customers closer to you, highlighting your knowledge and expertise in helping customers find the right home. Customers rely on you and not a disconnected search tool.

To learn how clients use House Hunter, visit the app page

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Lead Generation

House Hunter Pro even helps customers find you! Reviews and recommendations by industry experts and major publications including The New York Times, Business Insider, Fox Business News, and others continue to drive demand for this great app.

After customers download the app, they have easy access to connect with an agent in their neighborhood.

Clients select Get Code for a display of participating agents in their area with easy connection to that agent.

You get all this for just $15.00 per month!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to add value to your clients, build your personal brand and get new leads all at the same time.

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