House Hunter Screenshots

House Hunter Main View

This is the main view from House Hunter. From here you can navigate to the Home Listings, set up your Feature List, do a quick calculation with the Mortgage Calculator, view the Photos from houses visited, or Share your features and scores with your real estate professional.

Features View

This is the Features View. House Hunter has over 80 features in 5 different categories. From this view, you can select which features are important to you and set their priority. For instance, a must-have item would be set to a priority of 10 whereas a nice-to-have feature may be set to a 6 or 7.

Creating a New Feature

House Hunter allows you to create your own features if what is important is not in the default features list. Here you can name the feature, add a brief description, and set the new feature's priority level. This ability gives House Hunter amazing flexibility and power.