I Love It!

Just wanted to give you an update. I've been using your app and love it! I also just gave you a "plug" on Trulia's "Best House Hunting Apps."
- Sue C.

Well Thought Out Features

I have been using the app to help organize notes and pictures of properties we look at during our house search. It does a great job of organizing that data and making it easy to input notes and scores for each house. The app has a lot of great features
- Tim W.

Great, Useful App with Excellent Support

We started house hunting and found this app and another to try out. This is the best one and after practicing, it’s fun to use. I love the way this one gives a score on the rating you give different virtues of the home. You can also add new ones to your liking which is fantastic. Great app, I am glad I got it.
- Larry W.


The app is easy to use and does almost everything that I want it to...the app is great. I'm very pleased with it. Great app, I am glad I got it.
- Scott G.

Great for Rentals Too!

I downloaded this app to help us pick a home to rent. The photos and features options allowed us to keep track, organize and rate the many homes we looked at.
- McElvis68

All I Ever Wanted and Then Some!

After looking at so many houses, I always find it so hard to remember all the pros and cons of each. Taking this app along fixed that problem. With the pictures and rating system, I'm totally organized. Great job so far, very well thought out!
- Lamikey.

House Hunting Made Easy

I was downright opposed to using it, but after using it for a few days, it really does help…I have a new found appreciation for how it captures our feelings and puts them into numbers…it is surprisingly good.
- KeiterP.

We have been really pleased with it - it's been very useful to track our thoughts and views of each property and we like the ability to score the house against what's important to us. I've found it easy to use too!
- Ben R.

Blogs and Reviews

This might be a great app to “gift” to a client or download yourself.
- Tech Savvy Agent

This app helps you keep it all straight...
- Trulia Blog

iPhone app streamlines real estate search for consumers
- Agent Genius

The House Hunter app is a consumer's dream come true.
- The Ticker (Podcast)

Here in Silicon Valley, many agents have come to expect their real estate clients to be a bit high tech... Wow them a bit more by suggesting an app for that: House Hunter.
- InteroMojo

Another Cool Real Estate App
- Marcie Sandalow, REALTOR®